Starstruck - Starlet Palette


Starlet Palette



0.32 oz / 9.1 g

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3 of our most popular Star Powders collide for this travel friendly palette. Lucy, Marilyn and Grace all in one place. Use them as eyeshadows, as a blush topper or for an intense cheekbone glow.


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  • Lindsay Van der cruyssen

    Jun 12th 2019

    Thz best highlighter ever

    I was in shock How easy and How much highlight i had by one little fingertouch on my cheecks!! AMAZING

  • Angelica Daniel

    Apr 30th 2019


    This combo of highlighter is amazing all 3 shades are so blinding I like that it has a mirror to see where I apply my highlighter .

  • WarrenTat

    Oct 28th 2018


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  • Cinmi Does Makeup

    Oct 15th 2018

    So buttery!!

    I was dying to try the star powders but found this cheaper option to try all three shades out. And I got to say I love how buttery the shades are! Though “Lucy” is too dark for my skin tone, I used it as an eyeshadow today and I loved it!

  • Robyn Danius

    Oct 12th 2018


    Every shade on this pallet is very pigmented. I also love how versatile this pallet is. The red rouge is incredible and seriously bold. I use it to chisle contour, or as eye shadow. And it's beautiful as a blush as well. Then the other shades are serious bling. Wear a little for subtle but bold or totally send lighting on to your check. I reach for this pallet for every occasion.


    Oct 11th 2018


    This starlet palette is perfect for any highlight you’re looking for! Wear the darker bronze for a sun dipped glow, or build it up with the other two colors for a more dramatic highlight. Amazing!

  • rehnaz bi

    Oct 10th 2018

    Golden star to clouds

    There is no one highlighter compared to the gc brands. This starlet palette has one of the best highlighters and comes with great shades. It gives your face glow and that radiant look. I love them to heaven. Very comfortable shades and very elegant.

  • Yecenia Maldonado

    Oct 8th 2018

    Shine so bright

    I love how it shine and love how pigmented it is. It a very pretty pallets.