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A Proven, Homeopathic, Hair Regrowth Formula

Finally, a homeopathic solution for thinnning, dull and balding hair that is safe, effective and effortless


Created by the world renowned energy medicine doctor, Dr. Michael Galitzer, this unique formula uses time-tested homeopathic remedies to aid the body's natural hair growth system by supporting the health of follicles. Hair AF is a sublingual homepathic formula that you put under your tongue and hold for 20 second before swallowing. 


50 milllion americans experience hair loss during their lifetime. It may seem shocking that it's not spoken about more often. Even worse, the available treatments are often costly, painful and are not proven to work. 


It's time to change the hair loss conversation and spread awareness with this groundbreaking hair regrowth product.

Key Ingredients and Why They Work


·      Castanea Vesca: restores shine and luster

·      Betula Pubescens Flower Bud: combats flaky dry scalp 

·      Phosphorus: promotes hair growth

·      Populus Nigra Leaf Bud: as an antioxidant

·      RNA: stimulates growth

On October 7, 2018, I was getting ready for church. When I got out of the shower I ran the brush through my hair and when I looked down my brush was full. After a few more strokes it was full again. I panicked. It was so hard to look in the mirror and definitely one of the scariest and most painful things I have ever been through. Hair is a person’s crowning glory and I couldn’t face the possibility that I was losing it in clumps. 

I went to my doctor the next day who determined that I had been poisoned and his solution was to give me this homeopathic product that ended up saving my hair. 

Over the next few weeks the texture of my hair started to change and I could see baby hairs starting to form. People on social media noticed the change while following my journey. The change was so drastic, my inbox started to fill up with people asking what I was doing to grow my hair back. I ended up sending the   product to a friend who got the same miraculous results I did. I knew I had to make this available to everyone, not just the doctor’s exclusive patient list… and that’s how Hair AF came to be.