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Meet The Pros - Nick Lujan - Gerard Cosmetics

Meet The Pros - Nick Lujan

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Embarking on a Makeup Odyssey: From New Mexico to NYC

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! I'm Nick Lujan, a makeup artist whose journey began in a small town in beautiful New Mexico. After making a pit stop in Las Vegas to refine my craft, I found my true calling in the vibrant heart of New York City. My career took a fascinating turn when I became an educator, learning from the industry's icons like Dany Sanz and eventually taking on the role of Director of Education for the legendary Kevyn Aucoin. Recently, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by obtaining my full esthetics license, allowing me to delve deeper into the world of skin and share my expertise with aspiring artists in the digital world.

Five Career-Boosting Tips for Makeup Enthusiasts

For those dreaming of a makeup career that transcends boundaries, here are five tips to elevate your journey:

1. Never Stop Learning: The makeup industry is in constant change, so education is key to growth. Attend trade shows, workshops, seek mentorship (feedback is important) and practice your skills.

2. Diversify Your Skills: Explore adjacent fields like esthetics and hair styling to broaden your skillset. The more versatile you are, the more opportunities will show up.

3. Create Online Presence: Create a gallery of your work on social media platforms and your website. When you practice, it is the perfect time to capture content for your channels.

4. Build Confidence: Practicing makeup looks on all skin tones, ages, and genders will help build your confidence. When you step on set confidence in creating a makeup look on whoever is in the makeup chair is key.

5. Find Inspiration Outside Of Social Media. Go for a nature walk and be inspired by the colors, textures, shadows and light. Sometimes stepping away from social media can help you create new fresh ideas.

Clean Canvas Magic: Unveiling My Gerard Cosmetics Favorite

Now, Let's chat about holy grail products now! The Gerard Cosmetics Clean Canvas Eye Base and Concealer is my all-time favorite product. This formula's strong pigment is revolutionary since so little goes a very long way. It not only gives you perfect coverage, but it also resists creases, so your artwork will look great all day, especially during those extended sets.

 Clean Canvas Eye Base & Concealer


Pro Tip: Mastering the Perfect Cat Eye Symmetry

And now, the secret to mastering the perfect cat eye – my go-to is the Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Lash Glue Pen. The felt-tip precision makes application a breeze. Winged Liner is my most requested look. Here are a few tips to help you on your liner journey.

Always start every look with a basic lash liner application. Just a clean simple liner (no wings). After that, to create symmetry start by drawing a tiny dot where you want your wing to end and match it to both eyes. Then with the eyes open, connect from the dot, into your existing base lash liner application. Perfect your wings and voila!

I cannot stop ranting about how amazing the Lash Liner Glue Pen works. It is the ultimate for precision and staying power. If you need your wings to wear from morning to night, this is the best product out there!!!

So, dear reader, no matter where you are in your makeup artist journey, remember makeup is an art form and is all about expression and your canvas is limitless. Keep practicing and adding tools to your kit so that you can express yourself in all the best ways. 💄✨

Nick Lujan's editorial work in Scorpio Jin Magazine

Nick Lujan's editorial work in Imirage Magazine


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