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Meet The Pro's: Anna Kurihara - Gerard Cosmetics

Meet The Pro's: Anna Kurihara

Meet Pro Makeup Artist: Anna Kurihara

Hello readers! I'm Anna Kurihara, born and raised in Japan. I graduated from the Tokyo Top Mode Makeup Academy, specializing in Hair and Makeup. I have extensive experience in color makeup, having worked at MAC Cosmetics for eight years since 2008. During my time there, I gained professional experience working on fashion show events like Tokyo Collection and for makeup magazines as a beauty adviser. In 2016, I made a significant move to New York to further my career as a freelance makeup artist. To me, the most crucial aspect of makeup is skin color correction. Once I discovered my vision in this area, I became known for my creativity.

Advice for Aspiring Makeup Artists:

To all aspiring makeup artists out there, being an extraordinary assistant is key. It's a long process, but it's a necessary step to building a successful career. Get involved in fashion shows! This is where new trends are born, and you'll learn so much.

Strategies for Success:

Reflecting on my own journey, assisting talented makeup artists for six years was incredibly valuable. These experiences gave me the confidence and skills I needed to become a professional makeup artist. It’s almost impossible to get great opportunities with famous models and big sets without going through this process. Assisting makes you bold and comfortable, and it's an indispensable part of the journey.

Maintaining a Successful Career:

To maintain a successful career, I always keep my antenna up for new information. I have a constant desire to improve and to challenge myself with all kinds of makeup and people. I frequently check out new magazines, finding favorites and thinking about which teams created those amazing stories. Staying informed and inspired is crucial for continuous growth.

Favorite Gerard Cosmetics Product:

From the Gerard Cosmetics products, my absolute favorite is the Lip Gloss in Objection. The packaging is amazing, complete with a bright light in the applicator! The texture isn't too sticky, and the glitter helps smooth out lip wrinkles. It's definitely a must-have in my kit.

Gerard Cosmetics x Emily Baker Lip Gloss in Objection

Pro Tip:

A unique pro tip I incorporate into my artistry is using transparent loose powders everywhere! I follow each step very carefully, and my clients appreciate that. Before applying products, I powder around the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. This attention to detail ensures that makeup stays flawless all day.

To all the makeup enthusiasts and aspiring artists reading this, remember that your journey in makeup artistry is a beautiful, evolving process. Embrace every opportunity, stay curious, and never stop learning. Believe in your creativity, and don't be afraid to challenge yourself and break new ground. Makeup is not just about enhancing beauty; it's about expressing your unique vision and touching the lives of those you work with. Keep dreaming big, and let your passion shine through every brushstroke. Thank you for letting me share my story with you – I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!
Anna Kurihara's recent Editorial work.
Anna Kurihara's recent Editorial work. 
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