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Zero Teeth Whitening System

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OUR ONE OF A KIND all natural blend of botanicals and baking-soda for a gentle, effective treatment. ZERO TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM means no sensitive or chemicals ingredients and this product can be used while pregnant or nursing. The gels sweet mint flavor is a fresh and appealing making the overall experience more enjoyable. Ultra-sensitive customers will swoon over this new innovation in teeth whitening.

Our ZERO TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM contains no harmful peroxide and is ideal for pregnant mothers, all-natural aficionados and anyone looking for a gentle yet effective treatment. We specially formulated ZERO TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM in our lab and are proud to offer this potent blend of botanicals and baking soda that works overtime to brighten the dullest of smiles. Its sweet mint flavor works to refreshen your breath. Restore your teeth, crowns, veneers and caps to a natural white the pain free way with ZERO TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM.