Super Booster Teeth Whitening pen

Super Booster Teeth Whitening pen



1 oz / 28.4 g

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Meet the future of teeth whitening: our SUPER BOOSTER Pen puts strips and trays to shame with its convenience, fast-acting ingredients and painless  red-carpet results.



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  • Flavia Lares

    May 18th 2019

    Love it

    I loved my pen so much ♥️ I started seeing results after day 3. The resulta were amazing!
    I highly recommend this product

  • Charmingguru

    Dec 3rd 2018

    Immediate Results

    I have been trying a few different gentle teeth whitening options....pens, charcoal.. and I love Super Booster the most bc I really saw instant results and ZERO sensativity. My teeth are not totally dark but I drink dark beverages.and now I share YouTube videos and makeup on Instagram. This pen out preforms other brands I have tried and I have confidence to smile with teeth again. Flashing my pearly whites has never felt so good. And I had noticable results in about a week using the pen 1/day.