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Fish Lip Plumping Device

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3.00 Ounces

If you are in need of fuller, luscious lips then look no further. Our fish lip plumping tool will make your lips plump as can be in minutes using suction. Perfect your pout for any occasion without costly or painful injections.

**Read all instructions and cautions carefully before use as this product will cause bruising if used improperly or for too long as it is important to gradually increase time of usage.**

Instructions for use :

  1. Wash device with warm water
  2. Prep the lips by lightly exfoliating with any lip scrub
  3. Apply a thin layer of Kiss Assist Lip Plumper or any gloss or balm of your choice .
  4. Squeeze the opening of the device so it’s flat and place the your entire lip inside the opening . (Avoid suction of excess skin as this will cause bruising.) Optimum suction is achieved when the device is doing all the work and your lips are relaxed .
  5. For the first use only , condition the lips for plumping by suctioning for 10 then release and repeat step 4 twice . As you use the tool more , you can build up tolerance to the suction and minimize bruising .  Increase suction time slowly with each use .
  6. With continued use , the duration of plumping will grow up to 3 hours .



  1.   Do not use on chapped lips
  2.   If used properly , light bruising will occur during the conditioning phase .
  3. Common sense precaution : If severe bruising occurs or plumping is painful , release suction immediately . Either cease use altogether or restart the conditioning phase with 6 second intervals .

3 . Do not use if you have any health conditions which make you prone to bleeding and bruising or if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Do not use with lip implants.
  2. Use with caution if you have piercings, crowns, braces or veneers.