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0.14 oz / 4.0 g

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Get inspired by the neutral nudes of the 90s . Inspired by the 90s grunge revival and the beauty trends of an unforgettable decade, this iconic creation is a matte but creamy lip color that isn't trendy but a timeless expression of glam.


NOTE: You may receive either a Gold or Rose Gold component.


Castor Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Candelilla Wax, Lanolin, Cetyl Acetate, Liquid Paraffin, Ozokerite Wax, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Myristyl Lactate, Lanolin Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Octinoxate, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Lipoid, Soybean Oil, Phenoxyethanol, BHA
May Contain: Mica CI 70019, Iron Oxides CI 77491/CI 77492/CI 7499,Titanium Dioxide CI 77891

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  • Theresa Solomon

    Aug 6th 2020


    I truly love this color on me, I was very nervous when I was ordering, but I’m truly happy 1995 looks fabulous on me!

  • Naomi

    Mar 15th 2020


    This is the best lipstick hands down. Went with my skin tone and made my makeup pop.

  • Kaylee Castañeda

    Mar 13th 2020


    Not the same color as original!! I recently purchased 3 more of these thinking they were the same as my older ones which I had finally run out of since I bought so many after the first time I tried it when it came out years ago under Jaclyn and it became my ALL TIME best “rougey” nude for my skin tone, I couldn’t be without it. EVER. Even my husband who never notices anything new with my makeup, would ALWAYS compliment me when I was wearing this and literally told me one day, “Honey you’re wearing your gold lipstick right? (He was referring to the bullet lol) I love when you wear that lipstick, that’s my favorite. THAT is perfect.” ...
    Well come this time around, When I opened my new one as soon as I saw it I was like, mmm that doesn’t look the same... I quickly opened the other two and they also looked different from the original. So I scrounged to see if I had an old bullet with some left and low and behold, not the same shade. It’s not terrible... but it’s NOT THE SAME!! I am SO So so sad and disappointed they changed what was already perfection. WHYYYYYY... do companies do this?!?!?!! It will never cease to boggle my mind. I bought them in January. I haven’t used the new one since.

  • Debby

    Jul 8th 2019

    1995 lipstick

    I bought the lipstick about 3 years ago. I loved the shade! However, I bought the lipstick again this year and the shade is not the same. They are both beautiful colors! However, I wish it was the same shade as the first time I bought it.

  • Nat

    Apr 18th 2019

    A must have stapple

    I was introduced to 1995 two years ago, and it remains my go-to lipstick. It's truly timeless; you know how we're all looking for that "your lip but better" color? Well this is "your lip but at it's best" - it's rosy and warm and nude all at the same time, and it works well across skin tones!

  • Rhonda Brand

    Mar 19th 2019

    I had to get 2

    I love this color so much, I got a second so I can keep it in my purse and one in my beauty room. Don't ever quit making it

  • Britta Koutsomichas

    Dec 26th 2018

    1995 Lipstick

    Die beste Farbe überhaupt!
    1995 sieht an jedem anders aus, das macht ihn so einzigartig.
    An meiner Tochter wirkt er wie ein leicht ins bräunliche gehender Nudeton, bei anderen ergibt es meist einen sanften Rosenholzton und wenn ich ihn mir auftrage ist es ein wunderschönes tiefes Rot OHNE jeglichen Blaustich und solch ein Rot ist so selten zu finden wie ein kostbares Juwel.
    Er hat diese tiefrote Farbe wie man sie an Frauen in den alten Hollywoodfilmen sieht.
    Die weitere Besonderheit ist, je nachdem wieviel man aufträgt um so intensiver wird er, von hell bis dunkel, man kann ihn also schichten, zudem ist ist er wunderbar matt ohne die Lippen auszutrocknen.

    Der einzige Kritikpunkt ist dass man die Formel etwas verändert hat.
    Früher war er noch stärker pigmentiert als heute, dadurch war es leichter die Lippen zu korrigieren oder auch mal zu vergrößern ohne dass es auffiel, vorallem hielt die Farbe nahezu den ganzen Tag, sogar eine Mahlzeit stand er durch ohne Korrektur, während man heute immer wieder nachbessern muss und die Farbe nach einer Weile etwas an Intensität verliert.
    Die alte Formal war also entschieden besser. Trotzdem ist es immer noch mein absoluter Lieblingslippenstift <3

  • Rocio

    Dec 14th 2018

    Love it but I feel the formula changed

    Ever since I bought 1995 about a year ago I fell in love with it from the very beginning. At the time I bought 3, But about a month ago I realized that I only had about a quarter left of my last bullet; So black Friday came around and I notice they had a sale going on so I bought 2. But honestly comparing the both the old one and this recent new one, I noticed there was a slight change in the formula as it has a very strong smell and it's creamier than the one I'm running out of & those weren't creamy at all. They were very dry and they were kind of tug on your lip. I'm not saying I don't like it but I liked the old formula better.


    Dec 5th 2018

    That lipstick though!

    Love how creamy this lipstick feels! And this shade looks amazing.